Fanhood is a members-only newsletter Wolf&Whale created to connect basketball enthusiasts around the world. Each week, we cover the overlooked nooks, untouched stories, and innermost machinations of our favorite game and its players through a beautifully curated email.

What we did?

Our team at Wolf&Whale loves basketball. We wanted to launch our own publication that helped cut through the noise online and deliver insightful, curated stories and recaps. We go deeper into the politics, economics, culture, and science of the game. At launch, we shared our newsletter, which takes big concepts and breaks them down into interesting, relevant, tasty portions for subscribers. 


Our Team: Designer Director and collaboration with Hoodzpah Branding Studio 

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The result

Engagement on our Instagram rose 8000% since officially launching the new design work.

“Fanhood’s newsletter is one of my favorite things to read in the morning. Their highly curated and beautiful emails are always a treat to look at too”

Alex, SVP of Champion Sports