Meetup is not your typical social tool. They value real life connection by offering local communities and helping people self-organize into groups. Organizers struggled to find and book places to meet, and that meant less Meetups.

What we did?

Defined the user journey today, and what we want this user journey to look like 1 year from now. Setting clear distinct goals for our users helped us prioritize which features to build first, as well as what design direction to provide the best access to their most pressing needs and concerns. What we ended up creating was a user-friendly, intelligent flow that dynamically recommended spaces at WeWork based on the user’s preferences and needs.


Our Team: 1 Designer

Client Team: Chief Strategy Officer, Product Director, Engineering Director, Junior Designer

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The result

After launch, thousands of hosts booked on the platform in an average of 36 seconds.

“Todd, Wolf&Whale’s Founder, helped us think through the user journey in a way that carried ripple effects throughout our organization.”

Team Lead, Meetup