Petrolicious is the world’s fastest growing automotive lifestyle company that delivers films and content in conjunction with brands like Ferrari, Porsche, Chopard, and Rolex. One problem though: Their digital presence was not living up to their award-winning filmmaking and content.

What we did?

We looked to their audience, foundational values, and mission moving forward in order to develop a modular and collaborative design process that prioritized content strategy, sketching, iterating, prototyping and branding. This led to a widespread redesign of the Petrolicious brand, website, content management system, and digital marketing strategy.


Our Team: 2 Product Designers, 2 Art Directors, 1 Product Manager, 3 Web Developers
Client Team: CEO/Founder, Creative Director, Managing Editor

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The result

The launch of the new mobile-friendly Petrolicious web experience immediately increased time on site by 20%, increased pages/session by 15%, and reduced the bounce rate by 10%.

“Wolf&Whale helped us prioritize our younger, more affluent audience in the branding and design of our website. If our audience is not excited, if they can’t access our content on all their devices, if we’re not preserving their interest in these cars, we will lose relevance, real fast. Wolf&Whale helped us look and move forward.”

Shawn, Director of Product, Petrolicious