Shortcut is a male grooming service. They come to your house and cut your hair, trim your beard, polish your mustache, and whatever else you’ve got going in the hair department. Seems like a great idea, right? It is.

What we did?

Provided a core direction and full redesign of all Shortcut digital assets that created a consistent, memorable experience: iOS and Android consumer apps, iOS and Android Barber Scheduling App, GetShortcut.co, emails, flyers, and stationary.


Our Team: 2 Designers
Client Team: 2 Co-Founders, CTO, Head of Sales

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The result

On-demand booking on the consumer app increased 50% within 3 months of launch; 400% more barbers converted to the platform after a full redesign of the barber portal products.

“For the last 2 years, Wolf&Whale has been a badass team that strengthened our UI and UX across multiple platforms, leading to a cohesive branded user experience.”

John, CEO, Shortcut Mobile Inc.