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Guardian, one of the largest insurance networks in the country, provides dental insurance on the exchange that’s affordable and easy for customers across the country.
What if you needed an approachable web experience that valued transparency and inclusion?


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Our team

Creative Director, UX Researcher, 2 Designers, Copywriter

Client team

CEO, Lead Product Manager, + Executive Team

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The Brief

Guardian as a whole in recent years has created a more direct, consumer-friendly experience for its customers, including the launch of Guardian Direct, a project Wolf&Whale helped collaborate on in the past.


This time, Guardian Dental Exchange reached out to Wolf&Whale to help re-imagine the web experience for their popular dental plans offered on healthcare.gov and state exchanges.


As part of the re-haul of the dental exchange website, the mission was to make it feel educational and transparent for consumers, helping them understand which plans were the best fit, as well as how to enroll in plans through a complicated online federal/state marketplace.


Guardian Dental Exchange wanted their website to stand out for their diversity, approachability, and credibility, while still fitting into the ecosystem of all Guardian brands and services.

Design & Strategy

Our scope for Guardian Dental Exchange included a competitive audit, UX/UI redesign, copywriting and positioning for key pages of the experience, photography direction, user testing of core user experiences and creative direction, and to create a style guide reflecting a systematic approach to the design.


Our process first involved the development of experience principles — Approachable, Credible, Effortless, Transparent, and Educational. Developing these key principles helped make our design reviews, copywriting, and photography less subjective, and more objective and on point with the values that resonated with Guardian’s objectives and demographic. This approach also helped curate the list of competitors we were comparing against, establish UX priorities in our wireframes, and lead a foundation for our creative direction and copywriting.

Form and function

The result of our collaborative design process and testing led to a design that felt on-brand, reflecting the experience principles, and validated by target consumers. The tone in our copywriting was approachable, easy to understand, and clarifying. The user experience of features like the cost savings calculator, find a dentist, onboarding, and plan discovery helped provide a level of transparency and guidance that was previously difficult to come by. The new website launched in the Fall of 2021, just in time for open enrollment.

“The team showed great attention to detail, diligence, and flexibility throughout the project. They provided a great foundation of design and function for our team to move forward with."

Lead Product Manager, Guardian Direct