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Designing with humanity for big and small brands that increase not just their appeal, but their ROI.

Our end-to-end redesign of GoDaddy’s web template platform inspired 16mm users to showcase their business with pride and distinction.
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Our human-centered redesign for Pax Vaporizer's mobile apps created a deeper connection with users ahead of their $1.7B valuation.
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Humanizing Sendwave's design and website presence invited a global, underserved market and an eventual acquisition by WorldRemit.
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Great work doesn’t result from a one night stand.

The design process is never totally “over.” We’re not a one-and-done; we believe that design plays an ongoing role with the relationships you have with your customers. No matter your industry, whether it's healthcare, fintech, SAAS, consumer goods, media, artificial intelligence, non-profit, crypto, hospitality, B2B services, sports, or e-commerce, our work and services bring together strategy and creative, but not in a vacuum. Our success is paved with strategic creative vision: navigated by a focused, curated team.

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UX/UI Design

We do it all -- Web and Mobile UI Mockups, Wireframes, Design Systems, Style Guides, UX Audits, User Testing, and Prototypes. Our attention to craft on the front end experience will help prevent problems on the back end—and we will establish a set of design principles that affect every aspect of your presence, service and delivery.

Brand Strategy & Messaging

Strategic thinking helps inspire and fill design with purpose. Wolf&Whale brings strategic thinking into our creative process so that no matter what you make, launch, craft or serve, at the end of the day you’ll have an experience that people will want, fill a need they have, and be easy to use. We develop workshops to help you better define your brand and positioning -- all in the service of creating the most meaningful experience or solution. Workshop deliverables include stakeholder interviews and insights, competitor analysis, brand tools, copywriting guidelines, and social/content calendars.

Brand Identity Design

Too many brands settle for an uninspired logo, photography direction, typography, or color palette. Your digital experience needs a personality and soul in order to stand out. Wolf&Whale will help articulate what you mean to your customers with a memorable, differentiating visual identity and art direction to help your brand come to life -- logo design, typography, color palettes, illustrations, photography direction, and iconography.

Web Development

You may have an idea of what you want your website to look like, but it's only as effective as how it operates and functions. Our front-end tech-stack includes Javascript, Typescript, ReactJS, and Vue.JS, while our back-end tech stack includes Python, Django, Node.JS, Flask, GraphQL, and Firebase. We are fully versed in WebGL, Angular, CSS for custom work and out-of-the-box CMS platforms like Shopify, Wordpress and Webflow for responsive website design. We will not only develop your new website or web-app, but help you craft a sustainable strategy for web development so that you can make adjustments on-the-go, customize the design, and create systems for your UI.

Video & Animation

Bringing your story to life through the website is one thing. Doing it through beautiful animated videos and films is a whole new way to engage your users. We help animate and produce brand anthems, product how-to's, and hype demos for your product, brand or website so that users get a sense for your tone, positioning, and function.

“Awesome work. They did a fantastic job creating a premium feel on our apps and design language overall.”

Roxy, Senior Director, Pax Labs