Our principles.
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We never prioritize pixels over people, or palettes over profit.

Do we care about design? Absolutely. But not for its own sake. The way we see it, design doesn’t get slapped onto a finished product; it’s a way of seeing, thinking, and serving. We employ design tools for one purpose: To help you attract and engage with the right people, and build a sustainable brand and business with which to serve them.


Transformation over transaction.

Success in business isn’t about a series of transactions or mindless consumption. The way we work, and the people we work with, want to transform, not just transact. Intentional engagement is the name of the game, and the hallmark of the most successful businesses. We commit to improving relationships, not simply control behaviors that benefit us, and we ask the same of you.


We invest in sustainable brands and sustainable relationships.

Since we don’t adhere to the watchmaker model of design, we also don’t punch a clock. You don’t charge by the hour in to run your business, and we don’t charge that way either. Our promise to you is that we will invest our efforts in the lifespan and potential of your brand and business.


The most unmet need online is the human experience.

We’ve aligned ourselves so much with technology that we’ve started to think of users in terms of assets and clicks, instead of people. Wolf&Whale plans and executes projects to make sure that a brand’s soul, cultural insights and analytics are all valued equally, so the end result reflects the human experience, and not just data.