Big projects don’t require a big team.

Wolf&Whale brings together a senior team of 25+ experts across 5 core disciplines: Design, Branding, Messaging, Web Development, and Film Production. Led by our award-winning Designer and Founder, Todd Torabi, our team partners with client leaders to systematically plan and build their digital experiences, leveraging over a decade of experience launching projects for Apple, Goldman Sachs, Harvard, Optum, and Emirates Airlines.

It’s different working with us.

At Wolf&Whale, we curate senior leadership and creative for each client, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. This approach ensures you get the deep knowledge that comes with experience in your industry, and a flat, collaborative structure so the knowledge can be put into action more quickly.

Our Experts.
Todd Torabi

Founder, Design Director

Terri Trespicio

Brand & Messaging Director

Shayan Bokaie

Strategy Director

Antonio Stojceski

Creative Director

Joasia Fidler-Wieruszewska

Creative Director

Elize Van Staden

Head of Product Management

Anthony Agrios

Product Design Director

Hannah Alstein

Project Management

Wolf&Whale: Philosophy at Work

The wolf and whale symbolizes a dualistic nature that resides in you, our client. Our philosophy is that great design is born from the balancing act of fulfilling business objectives while still creating an impactful creative experience.

The wolf represents the logical, pinpointed approach to creativity. They're calculating. Hungry. Fearsome. Focused. They're lean and mean, run in packs, and function effectively in the dark. They never doubt or questions; they target. And surprise.

The whale represents the emotional, visionary approach to creativity. They're massive. Patient. Methodical and unignorable. Celebrated. Watched and waited for. They create a sense of awe, power, and beauty.

As an entrepreneur or product owner, you must be hungry and quick, strategic and focused. But you also want to be lauded, massive, and known. Great design is born from the careful balancing act of these forces of nature.

Our clients.