Product UX, messaging, visual identity, and video production for legal platform that helps consumers recover money from companies that have violated their rights.
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Our team

Brand Director, Creative Director, Design Director, 4 Designers

Client team

CMO, Executive Team, Product Owners

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The Scope

Labaton Sucharow, a formidable law firm in NYC, came to Wolf&Whale with an existing digital platform they created that had gained traction and proved a product-market fit. Their addressable market was people who have been wronged by a company but may not know they can file a claim in order to get justice. So, Labaton created an online process of enabling users to pursue a claim, and qualify for an active case. Labaton would then analyze the claim, negotiate with the company on the user’s behalf, and take the claim through the arbitration process—if that is the right option.


As Labaton envisioned scaling the platform to the masses, they needed to focus on creating a D2C brand that clearly communicated value and trust, as well as an optimized user experience that could address glaring issues in user retention and engagement.


We started working from the ground up on building an identity, including a new name for the platform, “Lantern”, messaging that positioned the platform and it’s solutions, as well as a visual identity to bring it to life. The foundational principles started to come to life and inspired the overall user experience redesign of the platform, prioritizing trust, transparency, and inspiration.

Strategy & Identity

Our approach for Lantern was to create a memorable name, mark, and story in order to elevate the positioning and purpose of the platform. The process included stakeholder interview, multiple rounds of brand workshops, naming workshops, and visual moodboarding exercises before landing on the final name, Lantern, and mission statement of ‘Shining a Light on Corporate Wrongs.”

Experience Design

By completely reimagining the product’s user experience, all the way from case discovery to onboarding to claim management, we helped establish Lantern as a best in class experience for consumers. Our design pillars created a foundation for convenience, expertise, transparency, product understanding, and conversion for existing and new clients in a space with antiquated solutions and technologies.