Realm (formally Serial Box) is a new podcast studio and platform for sci-fi, fantasy, and horror fans. They provide listeners with 50+ exclusive shows through podcast apps, as well as their own app.
What if you had a content experience people loved, but wanted new ways to monetize?


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The Brief

Realm.fm (formally Serial Box) is an immersive audio platform loved by millions of fans worldwide.


Their team reached out to Wolf&Whale to explore ways of validating additional business models beyond their former a-la-carte path to purchase. In parallel to validating pricing models, feature enhancements, and business offerings, we provided wireframe designs to help communicate benefits of a ‘subscription’ model for various users.

The Final Result

Based on results of quantitative user surveys (150+ users), and 1-on-1 interviews with power users, and Van Westendorp price modeling, we recommended a membership strategy at a price and product offering that provided the most value for customers. Based on our recommendation, we then designed the user experience of the landing page that marketed the value, benefits, and pricing of the membership options.


Our recommended strategy led to strong conversion rate on users purchasing memberships. And, shortly after launching the new model, the Serial Box team launched a complete rebrand including a new creative direction, name (Realm) and updated membership benefits.


Mockups below reflect our initial wireframe and final visual mockups executed by the Realm team.

“Wolf&Whale helped us strategize and execute core UX challenges while also bringing an expertise in research to help validate our new business model.”

Head of Product, Realm