Cheribundi is a natural performance beverage company specializing in one of the most effective, functional tools for athletic recovery: tart cherry juice
What if you needed a re-imagined ecommerce experience to better scale a fast growing, highly impactful product?


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The Brief

From everyday athletes to the more than 300 professional and collegiate sports teams that drink it regularly, Cheribundi is on a mission to prove that sports performance can, and should, be natural.


In order to scale this effort, Cheribundi needed a new way of thinking for their e-commerce presence, and a more targeted journey of subscribing to the many benefits of their tart cherry juice. Thus, the team decided to collaborate with Wolf&Whale to solve a few core issues: creating a new information architecture that prioritized product discovery and subscription, designing layouts that are adaptable, dynamic, and usable, and creating best-practice ecommerce optimization for their shopify site. 


Prioritizing the benefits of Cheribundi’s membership, and highlighting the cost savings of subscription helped revitalize their e-commerce experience into a more focused, purposeful shopping experience. 

What we did?

Our core objective was to reimagine the navigation and layout of their online shop, but we also helped Cheribundi consider best-in class e-commerce practices and optimizations to the checkout flow with the aim of encouraging users to subscribe and invest in the Cheribundi membership experience.


We started off our engagement by orchestrating a UX audit —  comparing Cheribundi’s experience to other best-in class e-commerce experiences in their category. Our insights helped the Cheribundi team prioritize which competitor features were the most relevant and valuable to their own audience and product goals.

The result

We designed high fidelity wireframes for their entire web and mobile experience, including homepage, product page, product listing, navigation, checkout, membership page, and account dashboard. The modularity of our designs helped their visual team and development team create more efficiency in their process, launch the site faster, and think more systematically about the brand’s design language. Below reflects the final creative direction and visual polish their team executed based on our wireframes.