GoDaddy provides a full suite of services to help entrepreneurs and small business owners jumpstart and scale their ideas. Their most popular feature, GoCentral, allows millions of customers to design websites with no coding experience.
What if you had a product experience millions people loved, but needed a facelift?


Template & Web Design

Our team

2 Creative Directors, 6 Designers, 2 Copywriters, 1 Project Manager

Client team

VP of Design, UX Director, CMO

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The Brief

Our goal for GoDaddy was a big one: to create world-class designed templates that competed with the likes of Squarespace, Wix, and Webflow.


GoDaddy’s diverse audience of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and contractors was a core differentiator amongst audiences of competing services, which required us to rethink what ‘design’ means to a much broader, diverse demographic.

What we did

We led a process that included a team of 6 Designers, 2 Copywriters, and 2 Creative Directors to redesign 60 of GoDaddy’s templates with new branding, user experiences, art direction, and copywriting within a tight 14 week timeline.


Our core challenge was crafting each template to represent GoDaddy’s diverse audience that includes culinary experts, auto mechanics, non-profits, freelance designers, and e-commerce entrepreneurs. Each template went through an exhaustive look&feel phase that aligned all stakeholders on visual language, photography, and color palette.

Modular Templates

Each of our designed templates took into consideration various business verticals, business owner demographics, modern design techniques, and scalability of visual assets and styling. Ensuring the designs were web and mobile friendly was an additional value add for users.

“Wolf&Whale helped us tremendously in crafting world-class templates that felt genuine and inspiring to our audience. We are proud to showcase these templates to our millions of customers in 2019.”

Director, GoDaddy