GoDaddy is no longer just a domain service provider. They are a full suite of services to help entrepreneurs and small business owners jumpstart and successfully scale their ideas. One of their most used features, GoCentral, allows millions of customers to design websites with no coding experience.

What we did?

Our task was to revamp their existing web templates to instill world-class design for their diverse audience of entrepreneurs. We led a process that included a team of 6 Designers, 2 Copywriters, and 2 Creative Directors to redesign 60 of GoDaddy’s templates with new branding, user experiences, art direction, and copywriting within a tight 14 week timeline. 


Our core challenge was crafting each template to represent GoDaddy’s diverse audience that includes culinary experts, auto mechanics, non-profits, freelance designers, and e-commerce entrepreneurs.


Our Team: Creative Director, 6 Product Designers, 2 Art Directors, 1 Product Manager

Client team: VP of Design, UX Director, CMO

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The result

The result led to 50 beautifully redesigned templates that launched out to the public in October 2019. GoDaddy led a world-wide campaign featuring the new designs and publicly presented the project at their annual conference. The new work has positioned Godaddy as a leader in design and craft among their competitors as they seek to gain market share in this highly competitive industry.

“Wolf&Whale helped us tremendously in crafting world-class templates that felt genuine and inspiring to our audience. We are proud to showcase these templates to our millions of customers in 2019.”

Director, GoDaddy