New York Cares
Our design and branding work for New York Cares resulted in a streamlined user experience, clearer messaging, and an easier path for users to donate and volunteer.
What if you had to redesign your website to better connect with both younger communities and business stakeholders?


Non-profit organization

Our team

Brand Director, Design Director, Copywriting Director, 3 Lead Designers

Client team

Executive Leadership, Director of Marketing, CTO, Development Team

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The Brief

New York Cares had a problem of perception. Despite being the city’s largest volunteer organization, it struggled with brand recognition and volunteer engagement. Wolf&Whale understood that a powerful digital identity needed to reflect New York Cares’ profound impact on the community.

However, creating a compelling and cohesive brand is both a creative and strategic challenge. It demands deep insight into the organization’s mission and the diverse needs of its stakeholders. This challenge has been a barrier to greater volunteer participation and donor support, critical for addressing New York City’s growing needs.

Addressing this brand identity gap was crucial for revitalizing the organization’s public image and enhancing its operational effectiveness. Wolf&Whale seized this opportunity with a comprehensive rebrand, including a new tone of voice, and website for New York Cares. These elements now vividly convey the energy and dedication of its volunteers.

Brand & Design

The rebrand positions New York Cares as an approachable, modern, and impactful organization. This clarity of purpose and identity is expected to boost volunteer numbers and donor contributions, enabling New York Cares to better serve the community.

Our redesign of the website offers a streamlined user experience, making it easier than ever for individuals and donors to engage with New York Cares, find opportunities for meaningful volunteer work, and experience the powerful impact and results New York Cares has achieved for the city of New York.

Impact & Results

With a refreshed design and renewed mission clarity, New York Cares is set to deepen its engagement with New Yorkers, ensuring a brighter future for the city’s volunteer-driven initiatives.

With a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, visitors can now easily navigate the site to explore volunteer opportunities, register for projects, and access resources. The streamlined design and messaging has also improved the organization’s visibility and credibility, attracting a broader, younger audience and increasing participation in their programs. Overall, the website redesign has empowered New York Cares to better fulfill its mission of mobilizing volunteers and addressing critical community needs across the city.

"Wolf&Whale takes a fresh look at things and doesn’t allow themselves to be hemmed too much by pre-existing ideas. At the same time, they can adjust such ideas based on business realities; certain things are great to imagine but aren’t realistic. Simply put, the best thing about working with them is their creativity and sensitivity to business reality."

Director of Technology, New York Cares