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Our redesign of the New York Cares website offers a streamlined user experience, making it easier than ever for individuals and donors to engage with New York Cares and find opportunities for meaningful volunteer work.
What if you needed to reimagine how to connect with stakeholders, and reposition your brand?


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The Brief

New York Cares began with a coat drive. And it’s still a critical initiative today. But they cover so much more. They connect all kinds of people with all kinds of service opportunities, empowering individuals to enact positive change in ways that resonate with them.

It was time for New York Cares to reimagine how they connect with New Yorkers and position themselves as a cornerstone of community support for New Yorkers.

Wolf&Whale was honored when they reached out to lead that digital transformation. Over the course of a year, our collaboration has led to a successful launch of new brand messaging and a transformative website that highlights the identity work designed by Dalton.

Messaging and Web Design

The new messaging for New York Cares is concise and resonant, conveying the organization’s core values with clarity and purpose, while reinforcing the audience’s pride and identification with New York City

Our redesign of the website offers a streamlined user experience, making it easier than ever for individuals and donors to engage with New York Cares, find opportunities for meaningful volunteer work, and experience the powerful impact and results New York Cares has achieved for the city of New York.

This project marks a significant step forward for New York Cares, a vital institution that plays an essential role in the fabric of our city. I’m honored to have contributed to this effort and look forward to witnessing its positive impact on the community.

Impact & Results

The redesign of New York Cares’ website has yielded remarkable results. With a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, visitors can now easily navigate the site to explore volunteer opportunities, register for projects, and access resources.

The streamlined design and messaging has also improved the organization’s visibility and credibility, attracting a broader, younger audience and increasing participation in their programs. Overall, the website redesign has empowered New York Cares to better fulfill its mission of mobilizing volunteers and addressing critical community needs across the city.

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