Labaton Keller Sucharow
We had the privilege of working closely with Labaton Keller Sucharow to develop a rebrand, website design and development, and a series of four short commercials as part of celebrating 60 years of expertise and results.
What if your firm's transformation needed a new identity, website, and content to elevate it?


Legal Consulting Services

Our team

Design Director, Brand Director, Creative Director, 2 Webflow Developers, 2 Lead Designers

Client team

CMO, Executive Team, Marketing Team

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The Scope

Our long-running relationship with Labaton started with the legal D2C platform, Lantern, and eventually evolved into an SOW to rebrand and reimagine the law firm itself.

Despite the fact that most competing law firms overlooked design and user experience as a point of driving value and impact, we made it our mission to infuse this project with the same creative spirit and design quality we bring to every project,

Our mission was clear and focused: to design a digital environment that encapsulates the ethos of Labaton Keller Sucharow – characterized by their unwavering pursuit of excellence, steadfast dedication to client satisfaction, and unyielding integrity. Every element, from user experience to messaging, visual identity, and video storytelling, has been meticulously tailored to reflect the values that define this prestigious litigation firm.

Brand Foundations

Our brand foundations for Labaton started with establishing messaging and a tone of voice reflecting their commitment to justice and advocacy. This messaging helped set the stage for a new identity that honored their history, their 3 partners, while symbolizing a mark fit for the future. It’s bold, it’s impactful, and provided Labaton’s marketing team the foundation to scale all future content, corporate collateral, and marketing activations.

Crafting compelling narratives is what we do best, and Labaton’s new messaging is no exception. Clear, concise, and compelling, it captures the essence of their mission to recover billions for consumers and investors. We established a set of principles best representing the firm’s culture and beliefs, which impacted our decisions for the user experience, content strategy, and content hierarchy for their website.

Design & Development

The website itself introduces a streamlined, user-friendly experience that showcases Labaton’s expertise in Litigation and fosters connections with potential clients and partners. Every aspect of the website is designed to enhance the user experience and reinforce Labaton Keller Sucharow’s foundational messaging and storytelling, establishing them as a trusted expert in litigation.

Building this on Webflow allowed a much richer content editing experience for their marketing team, connecting all features of the site like cases, bios, news & insights, and practice areas seamlessly.