Wolf&Whale in 2021

How 2020 Went, You Ask?

Like nearly everyone, I had grand plans for Wolf&Whale before the pandemic hit. Oh yeah — large quarterly events, tons of interesting client work to share, and a blazing energy to connect deeper with the design community in NYC.

As a new design studio with a growing profile, I thought to myself, “it’s here..this is our moment!” This would be our coming out party.

But like all big parties, covid had other plans.

Fast forward several months and you could find me alone in my office improvising and recalibrating (of course, with hours of seinfeld reruns playing in the background). I found myself struggling to see a clear vision for Wolf&Whale, the design community at large, and honestly — myself.

Looking Forward

Now we’re here, a time where things finally feel a bit clearer and I can finally share what came out of my period of reflection and isolation. And, before I disappoint you, it’s not a musing memoir, a brave piece of art, or a new technological discovery.


But what I can proudly say (because, seriously, who had the energy to do anything revolutionary in 2020?) is that we are launching the 2.0 version of our portfolio website (you’re looking at it) and introducing a new print periodical for Wolf&Whale (subscribe to learn more), called Great Design is a Force of Nature.

The new website is a step forward for Wolf&Whale, sharing new work, new ideas, and introducing a new set of principles and services that we’re proud to offer now with an expanded team.

The print periodical is a timestamp of how we think about design and its impact on our ethics, culture, and sense of sustainability. And guess what? We only have 200 copies of the book. More than enough to share with those that want it, and just enough to keep the rest in my closet in case it flops.

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